Pub and Club Re-upholstery

Over the years we have undertaken numerous pub and club upholstery and

re-upholstery re-fits for various brewerys and free houses, strectching from the North West of England down to the South of Wales.


We can supply new fixed or free standing seating or alter your existing fixed seating if required.  For further information or for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE please contact us today.


Some of the pubs and clubs we have worked in to name but a few include:


Haydock Conservative Club, Cheshire - New build for TESCO - manufacture and upholster over 650 feet of Fixed and Shaped Seating and upholster over 250 new  Free Standing lounge/dining style Chairs and Stools.


Machynlleth Rugby Club (New build after fire damage,  Supply and upholster all new Fixed Seating frames and Lounge Stools)


Aberaeron Rugby Club (Reupholster all existing Fixed Seating, Manufacture and Upholster additional Fixed Seating for new extension, and over 60 lounge/dining style Chairs and Bar Stools)


Aberaeron Yacht Club (Reupholster 65 Free Standing Chairs and Bar Stools)


Academy Pub in Aberyswyth - Okels Brewery, Isle of Man (Complete reupholstery refurb)


The Black Lion in Aberyswyth (Complete reupholstery refurb - Design, supply and upholster all new Fixed and Shaped Seating)  


Dolau Pub, New Quay  -  Brains Brewery  -  Design, supply and upholster all new Fixed Seating, Lounge Chairs, Free Standing Benches and Bar Stools.


Aberaeron Yacht Club - Re-upholstered Free Standing Chairs and Bar Stools.
New Fixed Seating frames being made and upholstered in our factory for the Dolau pub New Quay.
Aberaeron Rugby Club - New Fixed Seating frame manufactured and upholstered to match existing Fixed Seating.
Aberaeron Rugby Club - Re-upholstered existing Fixed Seating.
Haydock Conservative Club - Members Lounge - New Build for TESCO - Manufacture and Upholster all Fixed and 'D' Shaped Seating and Upholster Chairs and Stools to match Fixed Seating.
Haydock Conservative Club - Members Lounge - with fixed seating around three walls.
Haydock Conservative Club - Members Lounge.
Haydock Conservative Club - Function Room - with Fixed Seating shaped around a pillar and a curved wall.
Haydock Conservative Club - Function Room - front view of Fixed Seating shaped around a curved wall and fitted into an awkward shaped corner.
Haydock Conservative Club - Function Room - Fixed Seating around three main walls and Upholstered Free Standing Chairs.
Haydock Conservative Club - Function Room - Fixed Seating with end Arm Rests, at fire door and Free Standing Chairs.